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What is the process for ordering my videos?

Fill in the information on the sign-up sheet at your trial. Please be sure the email address is legible. Once the trial is over, we will organize all the footage and make samples for the website. Once the samples are up, we will email you and let you know we are ready to take orders! Orders will be filled on a first come- first served basis. When your order is ready, we will notify you by email with payment instructions. Once paid, we will email you links to the videos for downloading.

How long will it take to get my videos?

We are usually ready to take orders 7 to 10 days following the trial. Orders will be filled on a first come- first served basis. Once an order is received you can expect to have the video(s) within a week. If there is a large volume of orders, we let you know if we will need more time.

Do you provide Sample Videos?

Yes! A video sample will be posted of each search on this website 7 to 10 days after the trial is complete. Sample videos are meant to show camera angles and video quality and not individual samples of every participants search.

Can I see my videos before I purchase them?

We do not provide processed videos for review before purchase. Processing videos of each search for every handler would be extremely time consuming causing a considerable delay in getting finished products back to you. Therefore, we provide samples of each search area with a randomly selected search teams for your review; you can see the video quality, camera angles and lighting.

Can I share my videos with a trainer or friends?

Yes! Share away! Once the videos are purchased, they are yours to do with as you please. We place no restrictions on how you use your videos.

Can I buy videos of other handlers runs?

Sorry, but no. We respect the privacy of other competitors.

I do not like using PayPal, can I pay by check?

Yes, if requested we will provide the mailing address. Once the check has cleared our account, we will email the video links to you. This process may take a bit longer.

What if my computer will not download the videos?

In the past, we have found a few handlers do not have updated computers or insufficient internet speed to download. We can process the videos in a different format, this may reduce the quality. You also have the option of having them mailed to you on a USB.

How are the videos delivered?

All paid orders will be sent an email which will contain a link to the videos. The email will be from with a message that says Hello! You have been sent a file...


If you would like to have a hard copy (USB) mailed to you that is an option as well, with an additional fee. We will need to know this before processing begins.

Do you provide packages?

We do not have package options. We base pricing on the estimated number of cameras it takes to capture the search and the estimated amount of processing work involved. If we find an opportunity to provide you with an excellent quality product with reduced camera angles and editing we are very happy to pass that on to you as a price reduction. If a reduction happens, we will notify you when the order is ready.

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