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Professional dog sport videography

Sport Dog Video

How we can serve you

To successfully capture working dog teams on video requires knowledge of the sport, the ability to predict the action and a lot of practice.  Sport Dog Video has that knowledge and experience.  Working with our partner, Art of Odor canine training, we know what you are looking for in a trial video so you can count on us to capture those precious moments.  Relive your favorite searches over and over again!  Share your experiences with friends and family!  Review videos to build your future training strategies.  Having a visual record of these competitions is priceless!  

A moment in time

You worked hard to get here!  You and your canine best buddy shared a wonderful experience.  Win or loose, ribbons or not, you were a team!  Don't let those memories fade away.  We would love to capture those memories for you!

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If you would like to order videos of an event we attended or have questions about bringing us to your next event, send us an email or message us on social media.

Sport Dog Video

Kim and Robert Boyles
subsidiary of Art of Odor, LLC
based in Ridgely, Maryland

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